Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Charging keyboard battery pack
    1. How long will it run the keyboard from a full charge?
      12-16 hours
    2. How often should it be charged?
      We suggest it be always plugged in and left charging when not in use because the charging system will shut down automatically when the battery reaches its full state. Then over time the battery discharges and the charger kicks back on, so it’s regulated between a minimum and maximum if left plugged in. If it cannot be stored away plugged in, charge for 24 hours once every two weeks.
  2. What is the wireless range?
    Many factors depend on the environment, but in most cases the signal will reach out 600’-700’.
  3. How do I change the score in a previous inning using an inning-by-inning display board in “baseball” mode?
    Press and release the EDIT key on the home keypad quickly followed by pressing/releasing the “Inning” key. Type in the inning number you want to go back to and then press “Enter”