LED Video Displays

Think that stadium-style video displays are beyond your budget? Think again! Varsity Scoreboards is proud to announce that we’re applying our standard of saving you 33% or more on scoreboards to premium-quality LED video displays!

Both product classes are available in multiple sizes, and allow you to boost excitement with vivid animations and customized game information! Each display package includes preloaded presentation software and our exclusive library of in-game graphics for added value.

Keep fans engaged and add true value for advertising partners with our eye-catching images and player profile templates. Match up sponsors with starting lineups, player intro videos, trivia and more. The flexibility to change the digital material keeps ad content fresh and relevant throughout the season. Use school colors and mascot logos to create personalized graphics for each home game. Ignite the crowd with vibrant animations and highlight player stats during breaks in the action. Showcase all the pageantry from our single operator system or expand your production crew with multi cameras and a control room. The possibilities are endless!

Animate Your Audience

Keep the fans entertained and engaged with a library of pre- and in-game animations. Preview a small sampling of those here.

Outdoor LED Video Displays

With ALL NEW Outdoor LED Video Displays from Varsity Scoreboards, you'll be able to engage your fans, wow your advertisers and bring your facility to a whole new level!

Indoor LED Video Displays

Excite the crowds, wow your opponents, and generate advertising revenue with the ALL NEW lineup of LED Video Displays from Varsity Scoreboards!

Digital Scorer's Tables

Radically improve the game experience with 6mm High Definition displays for Crystal Clear images! Cover your investment by selling display advertising and generating revenue!

Introducing Varsity Video Scoring

Fully Customizable

Full control over scoreboard colors (either by preset or choose your own), number styles and team captions!

Convenient, Easy Control

Control your scoreboard with a direct, discrete wifi connection from your smartphone, tablet or laptop PC!

Multiple Sports, One System

Select between NINE sports with multiple options in seconds from your wifi-connected control!

Convenient & Easy to Control

Precision Clock

Start and stop the clock & add or subtract time as necessary!

Scoring Control

A comprehensive range of scoring control, right at your fingertips! Add (or even subtract) points in all of the sport-appropriate intervals!


Control your Varsity Video Scoreboard with any iPhone, Android phone, tablet or even PC - all you need is WiFi capability!

Full Control

From advanced scoring functions to scoreboard colors and customizable team names, everything you need is at your fingertips!

But...what does all this stuff mean?