Indoor LED Video Displays

Prices starting at $9,995!

The Rookie adds to the win column with versatility and affordability. It’s the double double for an athletic program looking to make a big impact on a tight budget. A ceiling hung, back-to-back pair of Rookies could be the perfect combination for gymnasiums with limited wall space. Small programs win big with this 8' x 4' powerhouse.

The Fan Favorite is the best value in all of sports. This 10' x 6' champion of entertainment will spark an atmosphere of excitement for your fans and a renewed commitment from your sponsors. Our content suite provides colorful game-day graphics and engaging animations to thrill an audience from tip-off to the final buzzer.

The Playmaker delivers the best crowd entertainment and sponsorship in its class. From player intro graphics to the final stats, the included content suite helps weave promotional material seamlessly into live-game action. This 12' x 8' victor is sure to shine in any arena.  

The MVP inspires confidence in your advertisers and provides bragging rights for your athletic brand. This 16' x 9' winner will be a showpiece in your arena for years to come. Engage your fan base and create the highest impact for sponsors using the included content suite.

Varsity Indoor LED Displays Include:

  • HD video display operator control system includes preloaded software and professionally designed content library
  • Designer templates and guides for creating customized videos, graphics and presentation materials
  • 1920 x 1080 High Definition video camcorder for live event coverage and use with fan interaction overlays at each event
  • Video Camera Tripod
  • System includes streaming and recording event capability
  • System capable of live interaction mode or message/advertising only mode
  • Play DVDs, view web pages, view all materials from the web on the video display at any time
  • Easily expandable control system. Options include: Wireless HD Camera System, Additional Camera
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Indoor LED Video Display Specifications

Model Dimensions Pixel Pitch Pixel Density Max Watt Weight Power Req Brightness Viewing Angle
The Rookie 8' 5" x 4' 2.5" 6mm 28,476 dots/sqm 1638 256 lbs 120V, 20 amp ≥1200 nits 120°H/120°V
Fan Favorite 10' 6" x 6' 3.5" 6mm 28,476 dots/sqm 3160 440 lbs 240V, 30 amp ≥1200 nits 120°H/120°V
Playmaker 12' 7" x 8' 4.75" 6mm 28,476 dots/sqm 5016 768 lbs 240V, 30 amp ≥1200 nits 120°H/120°V
MVP 16' 9.5" x 9' 5.5" 6mm 28,476 dots/sqm 7584 1,100 lbs 240V, 50 amp ≥1200 nits 120°H/120°V

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