Outdoor LED Video Displays

Take your field to the next level with powerful, durable outdoor video displays
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Our video displays are in a league of their own

  • Choose from 3 all-inclusive operating systems with display software and an optional HD camera.
  • Customized training included — We’ll show you exactly how to use your display and get the most out of it.
  • Business plan development — We’ll help you create a plan to generate revenue through ads and custom messages from parents that will allow your display to pay for itself!
  • Huge library of content already built-in, including a full suite of graphics and animations
  • High-definition displays with 10mm pixel pitch for crystal clear images
  • Free, lifetime tech support

How to Order

Get a Quote

Contact us to get a full quote for the video display you need. This price will include the software, a full library of content, and training on how to use it.

We Ship Your Display

We’ll pack your board with everything you need including the software to run and create your own ads, lineups, and more.

Wow the Crowd!

Feature your fans, boost engagement, and increase ad revenue.

Get an LED video display
worthy of a stadium

How do you energize your fanbase, blow away the competition, and give your sponsors a premium advertising opportunity? By leveling up to a gorgeous LED video display board worthy of the majors.

A win for the whole school

A Varsity video display isn't just for games and tournaments. These crisp, HD displays can be used for assemblies, graduations, homecoming dances ... pretty much anything! And, with a state-of-the-art display system, your school has exciting new revenue-generating opportunities through outside events.

Outdoor LED Video Display Specifications

Model Dimensions Pixel Pitch Pixel Density Weight Power Req Viewing Angle
9910 8.4' x 6.3' 10mm 6,789 dots/sqm 414 lbs 120V, 20 amp 120°H/120°V
9920 12.6' x 6.3' 10mm 6,789 dots/sqm 604 lbs 240V, 20 amp 120°H/120°V
9930 16.8' x 9.45' 10mm 6,789 dots/sqm 1,187 lbs 240V, 30 amp 120°H/120°V
9950 21' x 12.6' 10mm 6,789 dots/sqm 1,945 lbs 240V, 50 amp 120°H/120°V
9940 21'x 9.45' 10mm 6,789 dots/sqm 1,457 lbs 240V, 50 amp 120°H/120°V

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