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Varsity Sports Marketing

Explore sponsor-funded video displays and endless revenue opportunities

Varsity Sports Marketing

Explore sponsorship- funded video displays and endless revenue opportunities

Fund Your Project With 2-4 Local Sponsors

Custom Business Plan

No Risk, No Obligation

Why Varsity Sports Marketing?

Varsity Sports Marketing

Our program allows schools to acquire state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor video displays without the financial burden. By partnering with local businesses, we create a sponsorship plan that covers the cost of your new scoreboard. This innovative approach ensures that your school benefits from modern technology while fostering community support and engagement.

Make Your School an Average of $20K Before the Project is Installed

With our sponsor-funded program, your school can generate significant revenue even before the video display is installed. Through strategic planning and effective sponsorship deals, schools have the potential to make an average of $20,000. This additional income can be used to support other school programs and initiatives, maximizing the benefits of your new video display. 

No Risk, No Obligation

We understand that committing to a new video display can be a significant decision. That’s why we offer a no-risk, no-obligation approach. We provide detailed proposals and project plans upfront, allowing you to make an informed decision without any pressure. Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new video display and the overall experience.

Pay for a Board with 2-4 Local Sponsors

Our program is designed to be simple and effective. By securing just 2-4 local sponsors, your school can cover the cost of a new video display. We provide all the necessary tools and support to help you identify potential sponsors, create compelling proposals, and finalize agreements. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth process and a successful outcome.

Comprehensive Package

Our service goes beyond just providing video displays. We offer a comprehensive package that includes a custom business plan tailored to your school’s unique needs, thorough training for your staff, and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Funding doesn’t have to come solely from sponsors and local businesses; schools can also get creative and generate funds through events like movie nights, date nights, trivia nights, and parents can pay for shout-outs to their children. From installation to operation, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Educational Opportunities

Video displays serve as an enriching educational tool by offering students hands-on experience in event production, graphic design, and digital marketing. By involving students in creating and managing content for the displays, they gain practical skills in video editing, animation, and live broadcasting. This real-world application can inspire career pathways in media and technology, providing valuable, marketable skills.

Customer Testimonials

Bourbonnais Upper Grade Center
Calloway County High School
Yankton High School
These projects highlight our ability to deliver top-quality products and services that meet the specific needs of each institution.
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How It Works:

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Initial Outreach

A video sales specialist will contact you to discuss your project needs and goals.
Your scoreboard is built and shipped

Customized Project Package

The specialist will create a Varsity Sports Marketing project package with funding strategies, advertising opportunities, and a customized business plan for ongoing revenue generation.

Successful Projects

These projects were paid for by the advertisers shown:

Murray High School

Calloway County High School

Ballard Memorial High School

Camden High School

These projects highlight our ability to deliver top-quality products and services that meet the specific needs of each institution.

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